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Good Friday was an adventure!
Monday. 4.13.09 8:54 am
mood: Happy
listening to: Creed
watching: Nothing

Man everything happen last Friday. So I am off work Friday, don't know about other people but i live in the south and we observe good friday. I get up about 10am and get ready to go cash my paycheck. I look out side and it seems like a decent day so I decide to wear my shorts and my Firefighter shirt. Boy I jinxed myself.

So I am about to starve so I head on out the door and my mom wants to go so I wait for her to get ready. And off we go to Banks Crossing. Banks crossing is like a city it has dozens of stores resturants, and two malls, and it's my district. So as I am ordering at Wendy's--- my pager goes off and there just has to be a residential fire. No lunch for Jacy, and it never fails every time I wear shorts I get a fire. Believe me firefighters do not wear shorts for a reason. Well after two hours of firefighting and hose rolling I return to Banks Crossing.

I get my mom to come walk through the mall with me to kill some time. She needs to go say hi to a friend there anyway--- beep beep there goes that dumb pager again. A three car accident at the Five Guys next to the mall. So I run like a maniac to my car I radio in saying 323 is en route. Put on my blinkers and honk the horn to the five guys. Grab my reflector and med bag, 323 on scene. There was only two cars and there is this good looking girl holding a baby and she has blood all over her blouse. But I was relieved she was not injured she was drinking something red and spilled it on herself. The other folks were ok as well. So I put the radio to my mouth gonna give dispatch a short report. When the med unit and the chief drove up. So I head on after they arrive.

By this time the weather was changing, started to rain, really hard. So by this time I had went homem, grabbed my brother and we went back once again to Banks Crossing. We were going through the taco bell and It hit me I told April I would meet her at the coffee shop for open mic night at seven. and i looked sure enough it was seven so I walk over to the coffee shop and sure enough she was there with her parents. So they had never met me but heard alot about me. So I try tuck my shirt in and make conversation. Turns out her dad is a computer geek like me and works for UGA. By now the rain is pouring and the tornado sirens are roaring!

And here comes my brother in his turnout gear and radio soaking wet! Hollering come on we got to evacuate the RV park! Well it was nice meeting you Mr. Boyer sir and you too MRS. Boyer yall have nice evening I need excused. I ran out the door and we sped over to Country Boys RV park about 2 miles away.

So I donn my gear, then me and joey meet with 335 he is activly evacuating the park of mostly retired persons gathering them together in the park office that is a brick structure. Me and Joey assist the folks to the restrooms, as the rain pours and the sirens roar and thunder rumbles. We stay for about two hours assuring everyone that they are in the safest place and watching for tornados.

By this time I am shriveled and water has soaked into my bones. So I stop by the fire staion behind wal-mart to get recouperated. So as I get my gear off and am standing there with my clothes wet and I pull up my wet socks beep beep! There is a 10-50 with injuries. So me and my bro slip our gear back on and jump into engine 311 with three more firemen. MAN oh boy it's fun to ride the Fire Engine!

Sure enough there were injuries. A young couple had hit a Sherriff deputy. The guy had broken his shoulder and was bleeding profusly from it. The girl was ok cept for neck pain, The medics cared for him while me and Joey helped put her on the back board and blocked up her head her head. After that I we all went back to the station and beep beep another residential fire. Tell me why people wanna burn down thier houses in the rain? Can't they do it on a nice dry sunny day? So hear I am speeding down 441 at about 70 and i get a call from my "it's complicated" friend telling me how much her folks liked me and some other issues not to be discussed on here. Anyway arrived on scene got got my soaked gear on and they joey grabbed a air pack and went in. So i started the ventilation fan to get rid of the smoke. So after about 30 minutes Joey and the captain came out and announced the fire out. After rolling up about 400 feet of 5 inch pipe, it's time to shovel out insulation from the trailor. It was hard to breathe because the fire had burst a gallon of clorox.

After that my knees a wobblin I made my way home at finally jumped into the bed at 1:30am.

So Friday was a real adventure.

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