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I think I need help.
Wednesday. 4.8.09 9:48 am
mood: Kinda nerdy 8-)
listening to: No Doubt(coming to ATL June 05 yea! :)
watching: TV is for Loozers that will never have any other joy in life.

I think I need an intervention. I never realized how bad I was till last monday. I took off for lunch after reading several hours on constructing homebrew WIFI antennas from pringle and soup cans. So I head through Wendy's drive thru and head over to wal-mart after totally boggling the dude at radio shack I just wanted a 50 ohm N-Type chassis mount connector and a N-Type female to SMA male and a 6 foot pigtail. They didn't have any of those things (worthless redneck town I live in. GRRR) So I walk into wal-mart in search of cans for my WIFI antenna. I got stuff in my pockets like everyone else right.

1 pair of latex gloves
1 Casio Scientific calculator
1 Caliper
1 16' tape measure
1 Verizon County cell phone
1 AT&T cell phone with full keyboard
1 6 foot USB cable
1 5 foot Cat5
and my backpack laptop bag
$3.75 in nickles and dimes.
1 4 watt Fire EMS two way
2 fire pagers for two counties

Wearing my handy 511 boots with the zipper. Hey never know when i may have to respond to a emergency or disaster. I got on my Mr. Rogers T-shirt. I am walking up and down aisles with my caliper measuring various cans and recording the measurments in my phone.

See this really really fine looking petite chick with an adorable cropped hair do. With lips like Natilie Imbruglia and high heels that click and clack as she struts. So I look on, tongue hung out and knees wobbling. I want some of that so bad and then whats in her cart? Diapers of course, to accompany that big 2 caret marquee ring she is sporting.

Finnally after I gain my composure, I make it back to my expedition. I tune my xm radio to the new-wave station and man if Men without hats isn't jamming out the safety dance, Ah heaven.

Now after work I go straight home gotta put more music on the server. So I my sony 300 CD changer and start ripping. All my computers are networked wirelessly and I am remotely controlling through the internet as we speak.

So finally I decide to go to bed go down to my room and empty all my pockets strip down to my underwwear and climb up to my bed it's 5 foot above the floor I keep my server under my bed. say goodnight to the Audrey Hepburn poster on my wall. It's the only way i will ever sleep with her you know.

Anyway I think I have a well... nerd problem. But hey I don't wear glasses or put things in my shirt pockets or wear my pants on my nipples but I got issues none the less. Does anyone else relate to my day I described?



Pfft. You're fine. Also, any person worth their salt knows that radio shack help is usually not when it comes to looking for components/parts. :p Though I've been to radio shack looking for stereo plugs, and they told me that they didn't carry components/parts, as they were a test store, and they only sold things to see how they would sell. How useful.

In another RS, this girl wanted to save money on her LED cartridge for her flashlight, and was asking if she could just put the LED in the flashlight. So I was telling her that there was probably a resistor and some other stuff in that cartridge, so at the least she'd need a resistor so the LED wouldn't blow up. She gave me a deer in headlights look, dropped the led, and ran from the store.

It's rare that I carry gloves and a caliper, and I don't own a PSP, but I've been known to carry some odd things. I got a level/tape measure/notepad at a career fair, it's found a home in my purse. Never know when I might need to measure something. I also bought this super-awesome calculator at Wal-mart, it was a dollar. It does sinusoidal things, summations, oct/hex/dec conversions... so much math for a dollar. I should probably put it back in my purse.

I may keep a usb a to b-mini in my laptop bag, and I definitely keep a retracto-cat5 in it.

I'm surprised that no one tried to call you a terrorist for measuring the cans.

One last thing. I wear glasses... >.> and if my shirt had pockets, I would put things in them. That's what pockets are for. And my pants, I wear them where they should go, but as I age, I may wear my pants on my nipples. :( Thus is the life of a woman.
» ikimashokie on 2009-04-08 11:39:01

Maybe two lines of space was too much...
» ikimashokie on 2009-04-08 11:39:16

what kind of experiment r u working on?? sounds like u r searching for ufo.
» renaye on 2009-04-08 08:14:40

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