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About Taylor Swift and Her hair.
Thursday. 3.5.09 10:28 pm
mood: Hmmm
listening to: Taylor Swift
watching: Youtube

Ok so this is so unusual for me. I am making a blog about a celeb. Yes Taylor Swift, I absolutly adore her. Big shock? Also would you believe I am extremly obsessed with ladies hairstyles and fashion? Yes me the the macho firefightin, Mr. Fix it, Conservitive Rightwinger.

Ok so there is a lot being said about her appearence on CSI. Where she sports a shorter brunette hair style.

I hate to say it but she looks homley and blah with brown hair. Also straight + bang = evil. This is a tv show for crying out loud she is playing another person not herself, and she does a freakin great job, at least with her appearence. I heard a rumor that her charactor dies in the show. I don't know I never watch tv. Would we want to watch a show where sweet adorable little Taylor is murdered? Or rather that fictisious charactor bites the dust?

Ok that off my chest. Here is a couple things that will work great for Taylor in my humble hair obsessed opinion.

Cut it off! Bleach it good.

Go with a nice short crop. Do some gel and kinda spike and wave it some with her hand, put on some heels and go with a cute one piece dress and strut her stuff. The short hair will add symentry and make her appear taller. Ok so I like tall girls. Also the short hair would bring out the lovliness of her neck and nape. Also short hair causes you to look more at her God blessed eyes they are so pretty! Also will put less emphasis on her nose but more on her mouth. Most of all short hair multiplies the cute factor by 10, I mean she is so cute as it is. That is just her image, how she is portrayed.

The other option is just leave it long blonde and curly. She either needs to keeps it cropped and shiny or curly and long. Curly long hair does somthing to bring up the cute factor in her. Prolly because it is a rarly seen style, and it's part of her original sweet innocent image that she has always portrayed.

Ok better stop here. I know, I know this is a strange blog for me, but I like to come out with some of my obsessive short hair loving thoughts occationally. So my ears were tickled when I heard Taylor Swift and hair in the same sentence.

Alright hit me with all your comments.

Taylor Swift.. is it her who sang Love Story?
» Nuttz on 2009-03-06 12:01:00

i admire her because she started to write lyrics when she is 14 if i'm not mistaken.
» renaye on 2009-03-06 08:42:17

Her hair's absolutely gorgeous, now. I think cutting it short would take away from some of the public admiration for her...she's seen as kind of The Girl Next Door. Like you said, the long, curly works for her.
And amen to the comment you left me.
» Unicornasaurus on 2009-03-06 10:20:24

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