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Keep your Computer Healthy and Fast Part 4
Tuesday, March 3, 2009
Clean up your startup!
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Ok how fast does your pc boot? HMMM. Let's put it this way, if you start your computer and immediately go take pee and come back. Your pc should be totally booted and ready to use.

Whoa thatís quick how this be achieved? Well did you do the last 3 steps? Is your pc clear of malware, hard disk clean and unfraggmented?

Sure it is now you need to clean the startup. A computer boots by loading programs. The more programs it has to run the longer it takes to boot. That makes good sense. So if your computer is starting unnecessary programs your computer is taking longer than it needs to.

One of first things to do is to stop IM's from starting on boot up. Yahoo Messager seems to be the worst tied with IMVU. I use both of these programs great software but slow as Christmas when loading during bootup. AIM and Windows Live Messager are also annoying.

All of these IM's have a preference menu within them. You can stop them from coming up on windows start. Simply uncheck the option of starting on windows startup. On IMVU Messenger when you sign in there is a dialog box where you enter your avatar name and password. Uncheck run on windows startup there.

Basically you need to stop any programs that use the internet from running during the boot unless they are necessary for some strange reason. Check inside the programs to see if they have an option that can be set in their preferences to not run on start up.

If not and they are running on startup check inside the start up folder in your start menu, you know the start button then all programs then there is a folder called startup. Anything in that folder will start during boot up. All you got to do to stop them is delete or move the programs from the Start Up folder. Hey keep in mind if you don't like the program uninstall it.

Next thing you do, clean up icons. Every icon on your desktop and start menu takes time to load. If you uninstall software the icons are usually left behind. Get rid of all unnecessary icons. Store your documents in the My Documents folder or somewhere besides your desktop.

Now if you uninstall programs it can leave the folder behind in the start menu. Delete all these old icons.

Each and every icon and shortcut, needed or unneeded takes time to load during boot up!

Now that we took care of those pesky obvious programs now we can target those sneaky ones. The ones that do stuff in the background without your knowledge. The kind of software that shutters at my name.

Now let me introduce you to MSCONFIG, Your most powerful ally in the war against slow boot up. To access this program click the start button click run, and simply type MSCONFIG.

See the tab that says start up? Inside the tab there is a list of programs that run during the boot process. Simply uncheck all the programs you don't want to run.


You can really screw up your pc with Msconfig. Some programs have to run on bootup for your pc to run. Some devices need programs in this list to operate. So if you do not know what a program is google it. Before unchecking it, make sure it's not an important system or hardware program.

Once you do all of this Click apply, then click ok it will ask to restart the computer go ahead and restart.

You should be able to tell a big difference in the boot time if you did all the things above, and did not disable any essential programs. A dialog will come talking about how you selected selective startup. Click the check box that says not to show this again and click ok.

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Interesting... Though I seem to have more programmes running which I have no idea how to get rid of. For example TeaTimer.. I have no idea what programme that is.
» Nuttz on 2009-03-03 09:55:38

Tea Timer
Tea Timer is a SpyBot program. It monitors your registry and notifies you if a program changes it. So it's annoyning more than anything. Uninstall spybot and it should go with it. Then you can reinstall Spybot and choose not to install Tea Timer.
» jacyhenry on 2009-03-04 10:40:54

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