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The Stupid Tax
Wednesday. 7.2.08 1:11 am
mood: Jaded
listening to: Paramore
watching: Like I said don't like TV

Ok so I was on my way to take my little brother Joey to school. He goes in the afternoons he is studying to get his GED because he was home schooled. I was trying to get him there by 4pm. Had to get gas right? I was running on vapors, nothing new. So I coast into the station. All four of the pumps are blocked, and a line has formed. Finally I get a pump. I go in to prepay. There are two people ahead of me.

Doing what? Paying their daily "stupid tax".

So the woman buys $50 stinking dollars worth of lottery tickets. Don't she know that is a days pay for some people? That she or her husband had to work nearly all day doing something to buy those lottery tickets? I mean come on the government gets about 16% of all our paychecks. Also 6% - 7% more on what we buy. Plus property and car taxes and 50 cents a gal on gas! All to the government. So this lady is plain stupid enough to give somebody’s hard earned $50 to the government. When they get nearly half of our money anyway.

So my question is why? The remote chance of being a millionaire. You are more likely to be struck dead by a meteorite while mowing your lawn one Saturday.

Come on people quit being stupid! Value your hard earned money! Put it the bank! Earn interest! Put it a friggin fruit jar! Just don't give to government!


If people want to hand over more of their (usually) hard-earned money to the government, then they deserve the loss of funds. Just look at ti that way, eases the anger. :)
» Unicornasaurus on 2008-07-02 01:40:02

thanks. i'll need it
» merrick on 2008-07-02 05:18:24

I swear, if I ever get struck by lightening & survive, they first thing I'm doing afterwords is buying a lottery ticket...
» Traumer on 2008-07-03 12:22:37

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